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Website Design Process

Website Design Process



Communication can solve a number of problems. Likewise, discussing about your requirements with our consultant can lead to a much more refined conclusion. Discussing all matters before hand will not only help our designers but will also satisfy you that the right message has been conveyed to the designer and he will work accordingly on the project. Our design consultant will brief you about all things necessary i.e. our packages, services, process and end result.



At Logoindigo, differentiation is the key to success. The most important step before creating a website is to find out about the business. To create an effective website, you'll need to know what the purpose is to create one (informative or persuasive); what does the company hopes to accomplish from the website; what is their target audience and what kind of content should be used. All the necessary information is provided at our end.



Once the designers start working on your project, they'd be constantly in touch with you regarding the choice of colors, margins, CSS styling and much more. To design a website that attracts masses and brings in more customers, it has to be simple and easily understood. The navigation of the website has to perform the function of a tour guide; loading should take only few minutes. To ensure all this, initial rough drafts are made and are sent for the client reviews.



Change is good; it's something that leads to a much more refined product. Once the designers sent their blue – print versions of the design to the client, it is required from their end to evaluate them and let the designers know if any changes are meant to be made. The designers at Logoindigo are highly proficient in making those changes and delivering the final designs to you in a jiffy.



This is the time where actual development takes place. The designer would start taking all the graphical elements from the prototype and use them to create a proper functional site.This is the phase where home page is created as a "shell" for inner pages; elements such as interactive contact forms, flash animations and others are made functional properly. The designer keeps informing you about the progress of the design.



Now that the client has given you his feedback and you've started developing it as well, at this stage you need to attend to the final details and test the website. Our designers are well versed in website design & development standards. Once the design receives final approval, you deliver the website through an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Program. Once the entire domain name registration and web hosting is done, your website is good to go!!

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