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Brand Collateral Design Process

Brand Collateral Design Process



Collateral Branding is needed as a necessity to put your company up by a notch. Stationery design, Brochures and Flyers will add that wow factor to your logo and maintain your brand's equity higher than others. Our expert consultant will guide you through out the simple yet efficient design process to create a brand for you that reaches to masses;selecting a package that suits your need is a piece of cake with our consultancy services.



We don't work alone; our customers work side by side with us. Come and plan with us about your design. Tell us what type of design you want; should it be an image – based design or text – based. We work on combo designs as well and are efficient in creating one.Our highly skilled team of designers conducts brainstorming sessions and takes clients' advice as sacred. Furthermore, they sketch an initial design and then reach upon consent.



Once the designers start working on your project, they'd be constantly in touch with you regarding the choice of colors, images and much more. For collateral branding to work, the design needs to maintain a consistency among all the tools being used for enhanced branding. From the letterhead being used in the office to the business card you offer your customers, the design should be one of a king & that's exactly what our designers will give you.



Change is good; it's something that leads to a much more refined product. Once the designers sent their blue – print versions of the design to the client, it is required from their end to evaluate them and let the designers know if any changes are meant to be made. The designers at Logoindigo are highly proficient in making those changes and delivering the final designs to you in a jiffy.



Once you've seen the designs and have an idea of how and where you want your credentials to be placed at, add that extra pinch of exclusivity to your stationery/brochure by providing us with your identification details. Inclusive in the details should be your company name, name and designation of the person to be contacted, address, contact number, email I.D and fax number.



The last step is the cherry on top of the cake. The final designs can be delivered to you via multiple platforms i.e. through email, post, fax, or by downloading from our website. The designs are being provided in multiple formats and sizes so that it can be used in various marketing techniques. Three words can easily summarize the most important step of the entire procedure; finalized, delivered and downloaded!!!

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