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Logoindigo has been wonderful to work with. They respond to queries in a timely manner and make the whole process of getting the job done so much better. If you looking for ways to improve your business with the best design technology, I suggest you see their custom logo design packages before making up your mind to get it from an unknown service provider


Logoindigo logo and web design solutions are so user friendly that if you want to change something during the design process, it can be done with the support of their customer service staff. Everything was done perfectly and they provided effective and relevant solution. Logoindigo helped us to straighten things out and put some order and structure back into the business.

Marylouise Wilkison sweet addiction CONFECTIONARY

I got the real deal from Logoindigo. Their customer service staff was extremely patient with me as I had too many questions before the design process even started and I got the chance to find all the answer with what you may call world class customer service. I learned a lot during the project and plan to get a full scale branding solution from them for my law firm.

Robert Milagre Craig R. Goodman LAW OFFICES, LLP

Reliable and Good design

Victor Reliable

Logoindigo is by far the most amazing thing that has happened for my real estate agency in the recent past, because we are growing faster than ever and we stay updated only because of the great offers that Logoindigo comes up with every now and then to make sure that its clients’ success remains unchallenged and continue to outshine their competitors.

Grace Lawson MY Ideal PROPERTY

Logoindigo gave me a mobile website and a logo that are consistent with that latest trends and technology. Their fantastic dedicated team is organized and easy to work with making the whole experience great for its outstanding customer service that made communication a lot faster and that boosted my confidence in the end result.

Ving Thurman HOME Conexion

Logoindigo is like having your own in-house design and development team without having to bear the additional cost of having these in-house functions. Their incredible services gave me detailed recommendations which made my logo design project go smoothly. I recommend Logoindigo every time I get a chance to do that.

Tim Andrews Benefit-Link

12. I am glad I got my website designed by Logoindigo. They know their stuff and quite frankly once you hand over the job to them, you need not to worry about the details that you overlook before the initial design process begins. Their online customer order form is designed with a view to get all the important information from its clients in no time.

Catherine Waldby HOUSE OF WEDDING

Logoindigo provides great full service design packages and great customer service. Having a customized logo and a strong online presence is critically important to keep evolving. It has always been fun to work with them because their designers are really professional to talk to. They helped me gain more target audience at a price that I could afford to pay without thinking twice.

Derek Kelsey a Pet's Domain

I am the proud owner of a business logo with which I have won over hundreds and thousands of new clients. I got a tremendous response from my target audience just because the logo and the site work so well on all the devices and they can access my products from anywhere. Now this is the kind of result that I always hoped for when I had a dysfunctional online presence and common logo design.

Samuel LaMarr WARDROBE Witch

I was skeptical about working with this company since I did not hear about this company before. However, I was able to get two logos for my business for $60 along with the necessary files. They have been extremely helpful and kind, especially because I did not know what I was looking for in regards to my business logo. I would suggest that if you have a problem, just speak about it and allow them the opportunity to solve the problem. Overall, I am great that I gave this company a chance.

Tamar G. Skeptical at first

We totally nailed it with the brand identity design we got from Logoindigo. Their designers spent all those long hours on our brand identity design and development to make us who we are today – one of the leading construction groups in Australia. All in all, their designs sell and prove to be a valuable asset for your business in helping you achieve results.


The result oriented design solutions by their passionate designers who are very talented and dedicated. They made it easy to spend minimal amount of time on the project on my behalf. The logo design is above and beyond the regular logos and I am amazed they have such great offers out there for their clients to choose from.

A.J Woods Small Shadows

It felt like I was the last but certainly not the least to get the most out of an online store with logo and web bundle offer by Logoindigo that redefined online shopping for me. Having a unique logo that serves the purpose really brings out the best in your business.

Garin McGann Christ EMPOWERED Ministry

Connecting with my clients became so much easier when I got a whole new logo and website bundle offer from Logoindigo to compete with the others in the market and take up their share too to emerge as the new global online retailer for clients all over the world. So now I have a lucrative online store with new and better opportunities for us to serve our clients in a better way.

Phil Steers Gray Faxx Intimates

I couldn’t thank Logoindigo for what it has done for my company with it’s huge discounts on all its offers. I think they are doing a great job by offering such great rates without compromising the quality of their work. They are passionate about serving people who are out there willing to keep pace with the latest to make the most of their offers.


My logo alone now attracts hundreds of thousands of clients every day. My newly designed website has generated huge revenues and led to so much more. I am no longer fighting for scraps and have secured a major market share that has had a fulfilling impact on my business and clients. Getting the right designs for your brand is the most important part of making sales as it takes your message across to the customers.

Rachel Tylor George's Hill

It all started when I purchased multiple design packages from Logoindigo about 7 years ago and I noticed how quick they were in responding directly to me and several weeks down the line I had a full scale website in addition to a business logo that I got in 24 hours. Their quality of service is above and ahead of that provided by others. It is the best one stop online store that has custom solutions for big businesses to individual clients.


If I was to describe Logoindigo in one word I would use "Amazon". Everyone knows Amazon customer service is unmatch and exemplary, they go above and beyond for their customer, this is Logoindigo. Logoindogo has never cease to amaze me and deliver to my clients what they need from logo to website design that is extraordinary and on time at prices that cannot be beat and customer service to mirror their work.

Daeva Logoindigo is the "Amazon" of Web Designing

Gave me samples to pick from which was hard, because they all looked good. I selected one and within two days had the final design - used it the same day on my website. Good work, good people!

Jim Zlomke My Logos

Logoindigo evaluated my previous online store performance and they did a great job in refining its features to make it more user friendly and draw in more business without the hassle of additional costs for what I wanted because they worked out everything right at the start of the project to make sure both the sides were clear about the scope of the work.


Good things come in small packages like the logo design that I got which made millions for my business globally along with a website that has easy navigation features. I believe that spending on quality designs always pays off if you invest wisely. Never imagined my business would make it big so soon. Thanks to their design team who really made it possible.

Mike Blanchard Just Say Cheese

I was generally very happy with this service - and indeed your attention to the brief. The end result is a well finished product that I will get great value out of in the future - so thank you.

Lachlan Blyth L3 Photography

These guys are the best. Awesome response and amazing speed.

Anoop Sharma Exceeded expectations and extremely creative

I had LOGO INDIGO design a Logo and incorporate that Logo into a Stationary package also of their design.
First and foremost the capability and services they offer must be considered against alternate service providers. Relative to their pricing LOGO INDIGO offer an excellent value for Money solution.

Larry Silva Great value for money and good trustworthy people

After getting my logo redesigned multiple times in the past three years, I finally found out about Logoindigo through my new business partner and I think I now have what we all believe is a logo that will stay with me forever because it is simply thebest design I and everyone else I know have seen. Couldn’t be happier about having the best for my law firm.

Jay Doyle BarreraLaw

Logoindigo saved me from wasting my money on the constant trial and error method that I had been following for the longest time. Got my logo in less than 24 hours and it was a relief to see a mind blowing logo that became an instant hit with the clients walking into my grocery store and always asking me about the logo at the check-out.

Todd Myers Health & Food BOUTIQUE

I am pleased with their work as I now not only have a great business logo but I have learned a few things about how to shop for design solutions online. In the future, I expect to make my business global with a mobile app for my business. I have heard some great things about their app development solutions. Their functional designs set them apart from the rest.

Giancarlo Wallach CLOUDHUNTERZ vapor

I have been very happy with the level of expertise they have. Logoindigo has been providing me with different design and development solutions for over some time. Logoindigo has never missed a deadline to meet our organizational needs. Even when working on a limited budget offer, they do not compromise the quality of their solutions. I find that impressive and hope to work with them in the future as well.

Colston Grenier bandezi

Their designers have the freshest ideas with a forward thinking approach. They supported us in customizing our logo design and I found them efficient. They add value to their solutions in a very practical way. They are creative with the solutions they develop to meet the challenges their clients have and that to me is very important. We have always found them reliable and straight forward, and have gotten 100% support in some of our bad times and good times.

Hall Hayman Rental Concierge

but I soon discovered that this was the best deal I ever had for my business.
Very kind communication, great response time, creative and unusual rapid work. I do strongly recommend these guys and will be back for more work for sure!!

Rabieb Al Khatib First I thought this is a usual spam

I have never used a company to help with my branding before so I wasn't sure what to expect. LogoIndigo had a great price going for a single logo so I figured I could start there and if it didn't work out, I wouldn't be out a ton of money. After filling out a short questionnaire on the general vibe my business and some thoughts on how I would like my logo to look, they took it from there. It was only a couple of days before they got back to me with a couple samples.

Beachside Braids Great Logo! Especially for the price!

I found Logoindigo very professional right from the beginning. I was really impressed by the way they got under the skin of both, my business and the challenge that we were facing at the time. Their work was done to perfection with a high quality logo design solution. We built a rapport quite early on with their team of designers. They actually helped us secure a strong competitive position at price lesser than what we had expected.


To me the whole package got us to work together with their design team. I think we found Logoindigo at a time when we realized we desperately needed to get more out of our business in terms of revenues and it gave us the opportunity to share our own ideas.

David Scollon Creative Printing Solutions

Logoindigo has a track record for solving their client’s chaotic situations. Their designers tailored my logo more specifically towards our services representing solutions to the problems of my target audience and the mobile website provided results I had always hoped for. I ideally got solutions that work for all my clients on all the major platforms.

Edward Thomas FocalPoint

With Logoindigo, design concept options know no limit. I got to add unique features to my logo during the design process and that boosted my confidence to speak up when I felt that my ideas were worth sharing because their customer support staff was always there to listen to what I had in mind and made me feel so comfortable that I enjoyed giving my feedback.

David Goodwin KELLY FARMS

I am very pleased with my image...very professional & all was delivered on time

Rolonda Andrews Sweet Thunder Promotions

Their added service of customizing our own logo takes their offers to new heights. Their designs can be customized for any client whether shopping on a budget or for an already established organization, they alter their solutions to cater to the individual needs.


Logoindigo team gathered all the necessary facts and figures and carefully analysed all the information to craft the best logo design for my company that I am proud of. Their team goes beyond simple designs and uses every methodology to develop a design concept that is unique and timeless.


I got my online store designed by Logoindigo back years when I decided I wanted to open up my own store and create opportunities for the others to explore the product range I had to offer them. I had this horrible fear of getting things done online however Logoindigo educated me on online retailing and now I have a store that is bigger than most of the stores around.

Benjamin Elias TEMPO LURES

We chose Logoindigo in preference to others because of the quality of logo design service they provide and the fresh approach they bring to each of their design solutions and the full range of specialist design service they provide that puts them ahead of their competitors. They are practical and helped us buy the offers we wanted without forcing us into buying things we didn’t need.


I was quite pleasantly surprised to see the logo that I got because it has that vibrant look to it and they added an amazing range of features to our official website that pulls the target audience and has built a strong online presence because of the research that their team did giving me the confidence to trust them with the designs till the end.


Great and Fast Service!!

Most of the work is done by offshore team, so communication is very poor. The sales person will promise the world to get you to place an order. They will also promise 24-48 turned around time with full refund guaranteed which is not true. I placed an order for 5 page website with content.

Pankesh Beware of this company

The best thing about Logoindigo that I noticed the instant I ordered an app from them was their professionalism in getting things done on time. There was not a single instance when I felt frustrated mainly because of their proactive approach to delivering all that was promised to me. Apps seldom come out on time but Logoindigo surprised me

Mark Buyck Dirty Soles

The ever increasing number of browsers turned buyers has doubled the turnover in just a few weeks. They did a great job with the logo redesign and now I am happier than ever for being able focus on other important things because I know I have a website that is compatible with all the major platforms. Their developers keep evolving with time to deliver reasonable solutions of the highest quality.


I believe an effective logo design can really make or break sales. Logoindigo also designed an online store that turns thousands of browsers into buyers and convinces clients to send more prospects my way. They did the whole design and development right to deliver a well run online store within the given timeframe.

Richard Loaf RE GENERATE

Their team is always at the forefront in helping clients make their buying decision. They designers made me a logo that is engaging for my target audience and thus its more productive than what I had earlier. Logoindigo doesn’t subscribe to the regular approach in handling it’s customer feedback.

Jared Murphy AT TUTORING

I never knew how big my business could get until it grew to the size of an organization employing over 1200 staff. It was Logoindigo that gave me the idea to explore then potential of strengthening my web presence to start earning through online channels. My business emerged as a leading name in the market just because I invested in ecommerce to get instant returns.

Aashlesha Venkatachalam UNDER THE BIG TOP

Their creativity, quick response time and reasonable prices with unmatchable commitment to customer service got everything done under the tightest deadlines. I enjoyed giving my input on the logo design and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with them. I highly recommend Logoindigo for their logo design services especially their rush delivery service.

Richmond Carter BizChat

My logo reflects my ideas and the purpose of our organization. It’s really nice to have a logo that is recognized all over the country. There were so many new opportunities online that Logoindigo tapped for us to create awareness not just about our existence as a company but helped us promote it using the latest technology.

Shelly Turner Cassilles Joinery

My company is recognized appropriately because of the right brand identity development by Logoindigo. Logoindigo team knows what’s important to its clients and they deliver just that. I think to be able to do all that at outstanding prices enriches customer experience. They are constantly coming up with offers that make us more productive.

Vanessa McDaniel ALTRUMERICA

I got a logo from Logoindigo about 7 years ago and people are still talking about it. No doubt I got an eye catching logo design for less all because I was fortunate enough to avail the limited time discount offer. I cannot thank Logoindigo enough for their exceptional rush delivery service making things so much easier for me in a time pressed situation.

Paul Roth Groomingtales

I had some bad experiences with some other companies offering logos, so I was a little hesitant to try again, but I have been pleasantly surprised with logoindigo and Scott. He has made the revisions I asked for and the end result is wonderful. Thank you Scott!

Charlene Ann Day Pleasantly surprised

Cost, quality and speed everything comes together when you get your job done b y Logoindigo. They managed to reduce the overall package cost to one third that gave me notable savings of forty to fifty percent. Their website packages are the best available online.

Vanessa Goodall PLEASENT VALLEY Electric Inc

The research team collected information about the way things worked around our office and implemented their designs in creating a logo that speaks volumes about our daily operations. Additionally, they provided a well rounded website solution to improve the overall running of the business with a design force for good. Thank you for your work and commitment.

Zach Maguire Shopoclick
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